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btw: while Wayhome's in beta tests, it'll only work for people moving to Greater Boston.

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Meet the gang


A self-described surfer/hipster/woodsman/artist, Nick lives in Los Angeles, CA with his '74 Land Rover, an avocado tree, and a motley crew of feral raccoons & squirrels who lay siege to that tree.


Emmy is a New England gal with Texas roots. Her most cherished possessions are her ill-tempered pet, her girlhood memories of the Berkshire Mountains, and her hard-boiled egg cooker. She also claims to have once seen a blimp.


Brandon started Wayhome from his basement apartment under the condescending eye of his cat, Abe Winkin’. He's since moved on-up into a second floor apartment and, while his station may have elevated as a result, his cat's opinion of him hasn't.

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